About Sockrotation

Sockrotation is an attempt to curate, categorise and contextualise anything and everything I find interesting.

This blog is a place to store and share some of the fascinating things I find online every day in an ongoing attempt to identify what my real passions are by looking at the common themes and patterns behind the subjects that interest me the most.

I don’t promise consistency, but if you like the kinds of things you see here join me to discover more.

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Me, elsewhere

I also run a front-end-web-dev tumblelog at decodering.com. My primary Tumblr blog is foomandoonian.net, though sci-fi geekiness usually ends up at skiffy.tumblr.com. My portfolio blog thing is at geoff.at. For many years my main blog was halfblog.net, but I’ve stopped updating there now.

I also keep interesting links on Pinboard. Follow me there!

I’m on Twitter as @foomandoonian, while posts from this blog will be tweeted at @sockrotation. Make sense?

Why are you still here? Try some recent posts: A history of the design of Magic: The Gathering cards, Behind the scenes with iFixit tearing down the new iPhone X on launch day, What makes a ‘high concept’ movie idea?, The Story of Tetris, Tractor Hacking: The farmers breaking big tech’s repair monopoly, The stories maps tell, or maybe try something random?

Rapid Notes

From 2 April 2013 to 2 July 2016 this blog was called ‘Rapid Notes’ (rapidnotes.wordpress.com).

Rapid Notes

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