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Bioshock Infinite: Creating Elizabeth

I’ve been watching a playthrough of Bioshock Infinite on YouTube because I want to experience the story without having to grind through all the looting and shooting myself. So far I can’t really see why the game got such glowing reviews – the design of the world is exceptional, but the story is no better than an average episode of Fringe. And there’s a lot of shooting.

One standout feature seems to be the companion character, Elizabeth. Of the several hours of gameplay I’ve watched, she hasn’t gotten in the way of the player once. Instead she stays well out of the line of fire and generally helps rather than hinders the player, unlike NPC companions in many other games like this.

“There’s no component of escort mission, at all. You never have to protect her, you never have to watch her health. She functions autonomously, and she’s there to help you.”
Ken Levine, Bioshock Infinite creative director

Irrational Games made a fun feature about the women who bought Elizabeth to life:


The playthrough I have been watching is fascinating in its own way. The player, theRadBrad, gives a perfectly colourless commentary as he plays. Every episode he thanks viewers for liking his previous instalments and encourages them to do the same again: “Your likes really motivate me to keep getting these videos to you” he’ll say. Every few episodes he’ll ask an uninteresting open question like “So I was wondering what your guys favourite movie was?”, presumably to stimulate comments. And that’s about the extent of his engagement.

It’s clearly working for him – each of the episodes has around 100,000 views (the first has over a million). He probably makes a decent living off those kinds of views. At least a healthy supplementary income. It’s a curious kind of job to have.


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